Electric winch 12v


Double Glazed windows:


Interior Heater:


Engine pre heater:


Transform for Outboard Marine Engine:


Rear Sliding Windows:


Bracket for Cans:


Heated Side Mirrors:


Roof Rack (Steel): For Trecol 6x6



Textile rubber matts:



Front bumper protection:



Corporate style design:



Trecol special Trailer:



TREKOL tire 1280*530-533 is an extra-low pressure tubeless tire having a tangential design of the carcass:

Mud Tire:




It is common knowledge that the best test in our world is a test of time. After more than fifteen years we can boldly say that the first extra-low pressure tubeless tire TREKOL passed that test:


Snow tire:



Trecol heavy duty Wheel:

Roof Rack (Steel): For Trecol 4x4


Centralized tire inflation system:



Removable table for 6x6 Trecol is available.

Bed option rear seat for 6x6 Trecol is available.