Trecol 6x6


TREKOL-6x6 is a vehicle on pneumatic low pressure propelling devices designed for year-round cargo and passenger transportation in different driving conditions on roads of I - V categories and off-road, mostly on dirt roads, on cohesive soils including virgin snow, sand , thawing tundra soil and bogs, capable to overcome the small water obstacles afloat. The vehicle construction is front-motored. The body is made of fiberglass according to "sandwich panel" technology. There are two side, one rear door and two emergency vent hatches in the roof. The body is equipped with two saloon heaters. Search lights are mounted on the roof above the driver and front passenger seats. The driver and passenger front seats are slide and back tilt adjustable. Behind them the side benches for three persons are located on each side. A special permanent compartment is equipped with the electric compressor for tire inflation. Optionally a vehicle may be equipped with restarting preheater, electric winch, independent saloon heater, centralized tire inflation system, transom for outboard motor installation, brackets for the transportation of four additional 20 liters cans, side glazing with sliding vents, removable table installed in the passenger compartment and soft-side seats, which can be transformed into four comfortable beds. The vehicle resource before the first major repair in Category 1 operating conditions is no less than 60,000 km.


Technical characteristics:




Name Engine

ZMZ - 4062.10

Engine’s type

Petrol Injection

Grade of fuel

 Gasoline A-92 according to GOST 2084

Working volume, L


Compression ratio


Rated power, kW (hp)

95.7 (130)

Max. Torque, Nm (kgf · m)

200.9 (20.5)

Wheel arrangement


Curb weight, kg


Capacity on solid ground, kg


Capacity on cohesive soils and afloat, kg



5610 / 2540 / 27680

Fuel distance at the control consumption is at least

560 km

Transmission 3160


Transfer Case GAZ-33027

2-stage with differential lock

The number of seats, including the driver



TRECOL –1300х600х533

The range of pressures in the tires, kPa (kgf/cm²)

10…60 (0,1…0,6)

Maximum speed on top gear on the highway

 90 km / h (70 km/h recommended)




The basic packages of all-terrain vehicles are included: power steering, air compressor for tire inflation imported, tow bar, spotlight-seeker.


Also, we set the all-terrain vehicle on any additional equipment at your request.